Pulse Everything college or around you

Hyperlocal social networking app

Pulse is your go-to app for everything college or around you. India's first public sharing app that lets you stage your life to those who matter. Never miss out on anything happening around you, be it your college or your school or your favourite hangout places in the city.

What we did
  • Brand strategy
  • Identity
  • App design
  • App development
  • Messaging framework
Halfpica is a brilliant agency and their creativity goes well beyond any bounds I have ever seen. I found my experiences with them to be fun rather than work. They want as many details as possible in order to deliver the right product. One of the remarkable aspect is their ability to grasp and deliver quality product in a short span of time.
Karthik Vaidyanath

Karthik Vaidyanath

Cofounder/CEO and Head of Product, Pulse


Their small team based in New Delhi, (10-15 employees) consisted of project management, development, marketing and graphic designers, and they already had a list of what difficulties their users have when using the product.

Our first task was to find other areas on the platform that we think needs improvement from a user experience standpoint. We were the only visual and experience designers in the team, and our process looked like this:

Processing problems

We got summarised user feedbacks from the team multiple times.

Planning solutions

Wrote a list about the possible causes of their UX hurdles.

Prototype / Design

Made quick iterations and prototypes that eliminates everything from the list.

Meeting / Presentation

At the end of the day we presented our work to the team, and we had a discussion about it.


From wireframes to final layout

A new information architecture made it possible to solve problems and implement new features in a much easier way.

Feel the Pulse

On mutual interests

Pulse, a social networking app connecting college and school students based on mutual interests. It targets those above 14 years of age using a primarily visual format for communication -photographs, videos and stickers -in different languages ranging from Hindi to Punjabi.

Full-screen multimedia rich stories

A full-screen visual experience of streams of colleges

Pulse provides users a full-screen visual experience of streams of colleges around them, with customised stickers to make the experience more fun and engaging. A platform that provides young users relevant content in the form of full-screen multimedia rich stories, which is something they understand the best

Express your emotions

Add a sticker to your pictures to express your emotions

Users today quickly prefer adding a sticker to their pictures to express their emotions over typing a caption, which itself is a huge market and with the feedback we’ve got, Pulse has made content creation more intuitive for users.

A platform for the millennials

Create and share with geo-specific community

The app has been designed to suit the Asian millennial target market, as it utilises minimal internet bandwidth and one can view content as well as post completely offline.