Pernia's pop-up shop An online luxury fashion store

Top Designers are just a click away

In September 2015 we were contacted by Pernia Qureshi (Indian fashion entrepreneur) and asked to collaborate in improving the user experience of her digital product, an online luxury fashion store for women and men that offers exclusive women's and men's clothing, designer jewellery, etc.

Launch the site
What we did
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • App Design
  • eCommerce
  • Graphic Design

Making a splash

What it is and how it works

Perniaspopupshop aspire to create a platform that gives customers a memorable shopping experience and foster the growth of Indian brands and designers. We created the app splash screens to explain what being Perniaspopupshop is all about.

"Halfpica does topnotch design work, but more importantly they are great listeners. They take the time to understand you and your core problem before any real design is even done."
Karthik Vaidyanath

Pernia Qureshi

Founder, Pernias Pop Up Shop

Keeping it real

Authentic photography

The Pernia app is where it all comes together. In the approachable spirit of the brand, we kept the bold typography, strong colors, unstuffy photography, and crisp messaging.

Start showing off the app

Authentic, insightful, entertaining

Pernia covers fashion from the unique perspective of the designers themselves, giving users a more authentic access to their favorite designers. By making the user experience truly uninterrupted, our design aspires to reflect this.

It's simple, really

A simple design gets users off to a quick start

Why make something complicated when you can make it simple and joyful? Perniaspopupshop is all about making your life easier.

Designing search for the small screen

Browsing made easy with an effective classification system

Perniaspopupshop showcases pieces carefully handpicked by Pernia and includes a wide range of trendy fashion from the best designers across India. Since the designers were unable to reach their targeted customers across the globe and vice versa, she wanted to close this void through a one-stop shop for Indian designers.

Elevate the brand

Simplify the e-commerce experience

Our goal was to elevate the brand and create an e-commerce user experience that sells products. The style and tone is calming, fresh, natural and feminine which we used as our inspiration for typography, color palette and texture. Site visitors are staying longer, engaging more, and converting at a higher rate.

From couture to pret

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved

By reinventing how Perniaspopupshop is able to connect with digital consumers, we’re driving powerful brand experiences and have significantly reduced friction in their buying journey. We also added new user behavior event tracking (add to cart, clicked related items, logged in), and set up conversion tracking for Facebook to allow Perniaspopupshop to optimize their campaign spend toward reaching specific conversion points.