FitnFash Online apparels on rent

Make a style statement every time you move out.

Fitnfash want you to have an easy access to thousands of styles, without having to buy them!

What we did
  • Brand strategy
  • Identity
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Graphic design

How it works?

Hygiene first, custome fitting, free alternative

It�s simple. Just select the date to wear one of their awesome dresses and book it. What�s more? You can also select an alternative wear, at no extra cost. They will provide free demo of both the dresses. You can choose to keep any one of them. They will get it custom-fitted.

Not a celebrity? So what?

You sure can dress like one

Fitnfash can get you 100,000s of options at your fingertips. Fitnfash is India�s largest womens clothes rental place. We believe every woman has the right to look good�at all times. Try new things, have more fun and go for it.

Ramp to Reality

Straight off the runway and into your closet

Didn't you always wanted to own a closet, which has a large and amazing collection which you can use? Don't worry now with Fitnfash you can own a closet for you, without actually buying it. Here with Fitnfash you can choose from a range of clothing for every day, that too at very minimal price.

Save time and money!

Try to express yourself daily in a new and different way

Beautiful details page is where everything comes together: branding, typography, tone of voice, photography, and all the rest. Fitnfash�s website is designed to do the very practical job of persuading users to try the service.

Discover it all

Building a better search

Fitnfash is all about fashion. With a minimal interface we redesigned the search to made it easy to find what you like, and to discover all the things you didn�t know you�d like.

It�s everywhere

One site to rule them all

The Fitnfash website provides flawless experience from desktop to mobile. From the small screen to the big, Fitnfash is designed to work for everyone, everywhere.